3 in 3 from 1-8-2013

Posted on: January 8th, 2013

Today’s 3 in 3 from FTR Radio featuring stories from

Politomix about Obama Administration effort to curb the 2nd Adm.

Twitchy about the brand new Twitter Gulag Defense Network started by Todd Kincannon

FARK Who doesn’t enjoy a lil Al Roker poop story?

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  1. Jennifer Woods says:

    My students have many questions about the gun control ban. is it possible for the Vice President to answer these questions.
    1. What do you think about the recent events involving guns that have happened and how can these events be avoided?
    2. Why didn’t Congress re authorize the Brady Bill in 2004?
    3.How do you plan on countering the NRA’s campaign to keep assault weapons legal? What type of public opinion campaign are you planning to counteract the NRA’s Claims?
    4.How will the passage of the newly proposed gun acts effect gun collectors in the future?
    5.Children are concerned that they may not be able to enjoy the freedom and safety of going to school, malls, movies or even walking down the streets if things continue, what guarantees will be put in place to keep us safe?

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